World Ecology Award

The World Ecology Medal is presented by the Whitney R. Harris World Ecology Center to eminent individuals who have raised public awareness of global ecological issues and made significant contributions to environmental protection and biodiversity conservation. The presentation is made at the World Ecology Gala.

Conservation Action Prize

The Conservation Action Prize is awarded to individuals who are particularly active in the frontline of biological conservation. The individuals who receive the prize are intimately involved with projects that address conservation problems, develop conservation strategies, implement programs that conserve natural resources, habitats and biodiversity, educate the public on issues pertaining to biological conservation, or provide leadership through example. These individuals are rarely recognized publicly for their dedication; yet, their work underpins the day-to-day successes in the conservation of biodiversity and habitats. The prize recognizes conservationists active in Missouri and Illinois as well as those active nationally or internationally.

Whitney and Anna Harris Conservation Forum

Each year, the Whitney R. Harris World Ecology Center organizes and co-sponsors the Whitney and Anna Harris Conservation Forum in partnership with the Missouri Botanical Garden, the Saint Louis Zoo, and the Academy of Science St. Louis. The forum provides an opportunity for interaction between conservation organizations and the general public. 

Jane & Whitney Harris Lecture Series